Smile With Your Eyes.

Quite Contrary.

Hi. :D Okay, so this is where most people put a little blurb about all the awesome stuff about them and how old they are and all that jazz. Well, i think that's...a little silly. Because people should base their judgment of you not off of how old you are or your hair color, they should be able to assess *you*. So I'm just gonna post random different things I like and dislike or just silly things. Whatever I feel like. and You can decide to follow me or not; but based on something a little more substantial than my eye color, or where I live.

Don't ever forget what you deserve. People can make you lose sight of what you want, of the kind of person you want to be portrayed as. Simply because they either dislike you, are jealous of you, have their own inner turmoil or are missing something in their own lives. You are not perfect. You are not to be arrogant and assume the world owes you anything. However, that doesn't mean you forget what you're worth. You deserve unconditional love. You deserve a motherly kiss on the forehead, and a gruff peck on the cheek with a scratch or two from your father's beard. You deserve to wait for a boy that will bend over backwards just to get a glance of your beautiful presence. Yes, your smile, your laugh, your kind words. Not your ass. You deserve to be treated with respect, to be asked your opinion and cared about infinitely. Do not settle for less. To do so would be a terrible injustice to yourself. To forget what you deserve. Don't limit or change what you are..and don't accept less of yourself or of anyone else.